Online Selling & Fraud Precautions

Notes By IT Manager Muhammad Shahid 2008-2010

Online Selling, UAE Online Sellers & Fruad Precautions


Online Selling:


In the future, children will likely conduct the majority of their shopping online. While online shopping accounts for a modest percentage of today’s sales, it is growing rapidly – Nielsen estimates that online CPG sales alone increased 25-30% between 2004 and 2009. And there are compelling reasons to believe that growth will continue, as overall online sales are projected to increase almost 200 percent between 2010 and 2014.

Shopping has evolved along three dimensions, with each new phase increasing consumer convenience, choice and value – the three main reasons consumers shop online today. Online shopping redefines convenience and choice and equips consumers with unprecedented way to seek value.

Convenience – online is a simpler, faster, more hassle-free way to shop for frequently purchased products.

Choice – online offers more variety, which services like Peapod’s “endless aisles” clearly demonstrates.

Value – while value isn’t the primary reason most consumers shop for “everyday” products online today, it will become increasingly important as e-commerce becomes more mainstream. Tools to rapidly compare product prices already exist and online coupon sites have become the rage in the down economy.

There are several major variables that make online sales attractive to the worldwide market. These variables include:

1) Value of Products/Services offered

2) Dependability and Reputation of the Seller

3) Ease and Security of payment

4) Ease and Security of shipping.


UAE Online Market

There are many merchants that are selling online(electronics items; clothes for kids, men, women; books, automobiles, cosmetics, medicine, many international companies booking online air tickets, banks are dealing with credit cards) few of them that are prominent are discussed below.


Fraud Prevention Strategy

  • Don’t accept an order unless the information is complete e.g. Landline number, mobile number, PO Box, house/flat number, building name.
  • Ask for some documents like passport with address & picture page with service/employment card.
  • Don’t accept an order unless the customer’s contact information matches the shipping address and credit card information. If you are asked to ship to a different address than the credit card billing address, call the customer to confirm. If you are selling valuable items, a good policy is to only ship to the billing address of the card.
  • Don’t accept an order where the customer asks that you leave the item at the door. Always require the customer’s signature for delivery of a large or valuable item. Criminals will often use a house as a drop-off point without the owner knowing about it.
  • Beware of big orders, especially for multiple brand-name items, for example, 30 portable Cameras from the same manufacturer.
  • Beware of multiple transactions with the same credit card number but showing different dates, or similar credit card numbers in a sequence.
  • If you are asked for express shipping, call the customer to confirm. Most fraudulent orders specify overnight or 1-day shipping and order generators are mostly in hurry.
  • Beware accepting an order originating from a free e-mail address, or an e-mail forwarding address. Insist that the customer supply an ISP or domain-based address that can be traced back. It is easy for a thief to hide their identity behind a free web e-mail address. If you’re not sure what kind of e-mail address it is, simply put ‘www’ in front of the domain. The web page should tell you if it is a site that provides multiple free e-mail addresses. If still in doubt, call the phone number given on the order to find out if the person who answers has ever heard of the customer.

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